Jen (skitzo1995) wrote in stupidobsession,

Name: Jen
Age: ---hmm..---
Sex: female
Location: florida yay!
Your Obsessions: by my icon you can probably already tell i am obbsesed with cone i think he is so damn hot, i am also obbsessed with blink 182, lol and weird things like, drawing mad faces, the color black, tom from blink, drums!!, music, hoodies, chapstick, laughing, AIM, sexy guys in eyeliner, internet, making icons and banners, taking photos(when i get a disposable cam all the pics are gon the first day, lol), Converse shoes, yelling, doodling, reading peoples away messages(i know i am wierd)online journals.

yes i am very weird, but since everyone else is here I AM NOT ALONE!

please join!! _cone
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